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Growing up I experienced different forms of bullying and my art has reflected on that. I work with all sorts of mediums; traditional, ready-mades, digital and more, conveying some sort feeling though my work. For instance, an older piece I created was a multi-media mash of a life size skeleton. From the hip up, I had drawn in various ink colours on paper. I had then cut and pasted it onto a stretched canvas covered in acrylic and ink that connected to the hip down of an androgynous figure. To make the ribcage pop out, I placed a heart created of canvas cloth, acrylic, ink, wire and rope, beneath the paper-cut out. Layered atop of that, I connected a large piece of canvas cloth, that I had painted and texturized to look like it was flesh peeling off the bones. This portion was joined by wire ,and nails pinch the legs’ flesh below. My work mirrors the challenges that I have, and I know many others, have dealt with in a harsh society.


Leah Avila is an artist from Mississauga, ON who uses multiple mediums in her work including ink, watercolour, acrylic, charcoal, conte, plaster, and whatever else comes to mind. She has a strong interest in anatomy and describes the majority of her subject matter as “horrifyingly beautiful.’ After much hard work and determination, she was awarded a placement in Illustration, at Sheridan College. She also plans to work towards a Bachelor of Education and hopes to inspire and teach up and coming artists. She is a recipient of the Brampton Arts Council Award.


Leah Avila, through her various art works on canvas, paper, digital pieces, and sculptures; she explores the use of colour, several techniques, and different mediums. Ranging from Illustrative works, to realism, and the macabre, one can see and feel her expressive nature. Leah Avila has in her past, drawn her inspiration from artists such as; H.R Giger, Jenny Saville, Savidor Dali, Jennifer Poon, and Chris Mars, just to name a few. Not only does she have the ability to express herself on paper, she is capable of capturing reality on film. Through her photography, Leah Avila, oversteps her upbringing and tries to grasp hold of who and what people truly are. Calling her inner Diane Arbus, Leah not only brings out her inner Freak onto paper, but she also does so in her images. "We are not always beautiful people, and sometimes to find out who we really are, we have to dig through the ugly." Leah Avila refers to most of her artwork as, “Horrifyingly beautiful,” pieces.




Brampton Arts Council Award



Digital Skills

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Media Encoder, Cinema 4D,  Final Cut,
currently learning Nuke

​Work History


June 2006

Incorporate life drawing techniques when exagerating the main features of customers.
2009 – Present
Graphic Designer and Photographer
Experience working with clients on a personal level, understand their needs and wants in order to achieve their vision in product advertisement and business cards.


Degree: Bachelors of Applied Arts Illustration
Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Oakville Courses include:
o Digital Media Principles
o Illustrative Painting Methods
o Life Drawing

 Diploma: Visual and Creative Arts Advanced
Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Oakville 

Courses include:
o Digital Media Studio
o 2D Design: Typography
o Material Exploration

 Certificate: Art Fundamentals  
Sheridan Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning
 Courses included: 
o Colour Theory
o 2D Design
o Drawing Systems
Diploma: St. Marguerite d’Youville 
Catholic Secondary School, Brampton

Courses included: 
o Visual Arts

o Photography
o Communications Technology

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