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Leah Avila is a Multimedia Designer & Art Director.

As a Canada-based Illustrator, Creator, Ideator & Writer, she surrounds herself with creative friends & family whom fuel her inspiration to create intricate visual resolves. Which can be graphically focused & compositionally sound, with a touch of whimsical vibrancy.

Leah thrives from mentoring & pushing ideas passed what they can be. Whether it be digital, traditional, sculptural, or sewn; she is passionate about expanding ideas above & beyond one media to the next, as if by magical metamorphosis.

As a past recipient of the Brampton Arts Council Award, Leah has always proven & displayed her extreme resourcefulness to any medium & task at hand. She is a majestic concept breathing, idea conjuring, & multimedia slaying wizard; who is ready to bewitch any project that comes her way.

Leah is currently unavailable for commissions & freelance work.

Feel free to contact her to create & collaborate on something extraordinary, or to keep in touch!


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