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Jackalope Papercut Headbust Frontal

3D Jackalope Papercut Headbust: Frontal view

Jackalope Papercut Headbust

3D Jackalope Papercut Headbust: 3/4 view


GIF of Angelina Jolie. Depiction in tabloids vs. her relief efforts.

Illustration - Leah Avila

Watercolour + Digital Illustrations for the mythical tale, "The Wedding of Thor"

12 Angry Men

Can One Man's influence save a young man's life?


Beer Label 2016

Take Care of Your Mental Health

Playing with Metallics, Typography, & .GIFs

Je te manque

Tell Someone You Miss Them.

Spring Forward Postcard

Spring forward this year with a Postcard full of your goals.

Velvet & Armor

Large Watercolor Painting (2017)

Green Purple Blue Book Web3


Green Purple Blue Book Web11


Green Purple Blue Book Web14


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